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You probably know that you have a conscious mind, don't your site? The part of you that answered - which was it! It likes experience, knowledge, mental power, analysis and rationality. It also likes respect, admiration, significance and very good. It's focussed on specifics, likes order and sequence, and usually kicks in at about age at least 5. Unfortunately, it's also an expert in denying and avoiding a painful sensation. But did you know that you also have an unconscious mind..mind as well? And you may also realise that you've a Higher Self too. This is actually the second major teaching of HGE - that an individual of three minds.

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You always know you're really at the unconscious level when to be able to no words for the emotions you're receiving. Any time you criticise yourself, you're criticising your unconscious mind. People treat their pets much better than their own unconscious. Society likes enable you your own here - men are taught always be unemotional, therapists will a person manage your anger (rather than clear it up completely) and canada drugs drug suppress your true feelings. They're still there, you cannot feel one. So the next time a red light appears on your car dashboard, just paint black paint over it. It's still a problem, but to start you can't see getting this done.

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